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Gabions are used for many applications; most commonly for retaining structures for embankment stabilisation on construction projects and to prevent erosion in water courses.

This flexible product can be also used as an aesthetic wall of the free standing type or as wall cladding.

Gabions can be supplied to create benches or flower containers.

A gabion is a steel wire cage that has a long life corrosion resistant coating, it is filled with natural stone to create, a mass gravity wall for construction or for free standing garden walls andexterior or interior building cladding.

Gabion constructions bring
the following advantages:

• Natural stone wall appearance

• Recyclable (the possibility to remove and reuse the materials)

• Excellent sound absorbency

• Speedy and cost effective construction

• Gabion walls blend into the landscape and can easily be made to look green by planting climbing plants.

• Building is not impeeded by winter conditions

• Gabions can be used in many applications

• Walls built with Gabions are very economical


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